GLOMEX Military Supplies is a supplier of off-road vehicles for the Czech Army

PRAGUE, 6th November 2020 – Our subsidiary GLOMEX Military Supplies succeeded in an open tender from the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic for the supply of new multi-purpose off-road passenger vehicles for the needs of the Czech Army. The Ministry’s selection committee evaluated its offer as the most advantageous, so over the next four years, our company should supply Czech soldiers with up to 1,200 modified Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks. These vehicles will gradually replace the heavily obsolete UAZ off-road vehicles of Soviet production.
The major success of the GLOMEX Military Supplies follows just a few months after our Polish branch GLOMEX MS Polska won the tender announced by our northern neighbours. Our company will supply the Polish army with more than six hundred specially modified Ford Ranger XLT cars.