Quality Policy

The main objective of the SKUPINA Quality Policy is to implement the principles of the quality assurance system, achieve full customer satisfaction and thus ensure the Company’s good position on the market and its good name.

SKUPINA only implements such services and products in the field of military security material, including supplies of a civil character, the utility values of which will satisfy the requirements of customers to the maximum extent and their properties will fully respect all legislative requirements.

To achieve its objectives, the Company management undertakes to:

  • ensure quality control is an integral part of the governance by the Company’s top management, which is clearly responsible for the fulfilment of the Quality Policy and the set quality objectives
  • continuously improve the established quality system according to ČSN ISO 9001:2015

         + ČOS 051672

  • improve the quality of services by analysing all Company process risks and their elimination
  • systematically obtain and analyse objective information about the requirements and expectations of our existing and potential customers and monitor customer satisfaction with our products
  • ensure high product and service quality through strict adherence to the regulations and instructions of the quality management system
  • focus the development of our services on prospective programmes determined by the Company management based on marketing surveys
  • increase labour productivity and optimise costs so as to achieve favourable product and service prices
  • provide active maintenance and services to existing and potential customers, inform them of developments in the product range offered by our Company, and recommend the most appropriate selection and use of our products
  • cultivate a sense of responsibility among all employees for the quality of their own work and motivate them to continuous quality improvement
  • actively cooperate with suppliers and other partners in meeting quality objectives
  • provide adequate resources to achieve the quality objectives.


Customer focus

  • Identifying and analysing the current and future needs of our customers
  • Fulfilling the requirements and expectation of our customers
  • Measuring customer satisfaction and deriving other activities based on the results of such measurements


Leadership / Continuous employee development and cooperation

  • Educating, training and leading employees
  • Providing employees with the necessary resources for their activities within the scope of their responsibilities
  • Creating a working environment that positively influences the fulfilment of quality requirements while achieving the organisation’s stated goals and objectives


Procedural approach

  • Defining processes and perceiving activities in the organisation as interacting processes
  • Defining process interfaces with the organisation functions and establishing clear responsibilities and competencies to manage processes
  • Planning and ensuring the availability of resources needed to implement processes


Systemic approach

Applying, developing and continually improving the quality management system according to ISO 9001 aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of all customers and stakeholders.

Continuous improvement

  • Continuous improvement of products, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of all processes and the quality management system and timely adopting preventive measures
  • Making use of employee initiative to improve the performance of all processes and activities


Fact-based approach to decision-making

  • Data analysing using valid methods and application of team work to resolve quality issues


Mutually beneficial supplier relationships / Cooperation with suppliers

  • Monitoring and evaluating the competencies of our suppliers
  • Creating clear and open communication and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers


To ensure the Quality Policy, the SKUPINA management undertakes to:

  • Maintain, develop and continuously improve quality management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000
  • Annually declare quality objectives in support of the Quality Policy and perform their regular reviews
  • Create and provide sufficient resources to implement the Quality Policy and quality objectives, including strategic goals given by the business plan
  • Internally communicate the importance of meeting customer requirements, as well as the normative and legislative requirements and the requirements of internal regulations
  • Supply customers with products of the highest possible quality
  • Provide employees and customers with information about management system issues
  • Systematically perform maintenance of production equipment to achieve compliance with product requirements
  • Motivate and systematically increase the expertise and competence of our employees in quality management
  • Continuously increase the effectiveness of the quality management system through personal engagement and activity.


The Company management expects employees to:

  • identify with the Quality Policy and actively participate in its implementation and fulfilment of the quality objectives,
  • comply with all regulations and documents of the quality management system,
  • actively approach the continuous improvement of their activities,
  • actively participate in educational events in the field of quality,
  • follow safety instructions, maintain order and improve the working environment in their workplaces.


Ing. Jiří Sadílek
Statutory director